NetBase Quid


NetBase Quid is the next generation AI-powered social analytics platform that global companies use to run brands, build businesses, and connect with consumers every second.  Its platform processes hundreds of millions of social media and other data sources daily for actionable business insights for marketing, research, customer service, sales, PR and product innovation. NetBase Quid enables the world’s leading brands and agencies to build their business and connect with their consumers through social analytics. delivers fast, accurate and deep consumer insights that inform every aspect of your business, empowering a data-driven, customer-first organization. NetBase aggregates all types of social media data as well as all other sources of data including surveys, star ratings, net promoter scores, customer service comments and much more to deliver a holistic understanding of your business. Accurate, fast data-driven insights are the key to customer retention, increased sales, and competitive differentiation.


The Best Social Data Coverage Absolutely the best data coverage, normalized across all sources. NetBase delivers access to every Tweet as well as 51 months of history across all other 300+ million social data sources.

  • Offering the best Facebook coverage by offering unlimited Facebook Fanpage coverage
  • Delivering the best tools for maximizing coverage on Instagram’s new API
  • Easily import private customer feedback data including: Reviews, Surveys, Customer Care notes, Social
  • DMs (direct messages) Dark Post Data any other data that needs analysis
  • NetBase includes unlimited mentions so you can be empowered to look at the data from all angles, including categorical and competitive analysis for a better understanding of your industry

NetBase offers lots of ways to share information across your organization, whether it is through an Analyst user, NetBase Pro which offers search bar simplicity, as well as insights sharing via dynamic, password protected Live Reports that can be shared with executive stakeholders in real-time. Our Live Pulses fuel command centers and integrate with other APIs for an easy way to integrate other data sources such as Google Analytics. NetBase also partners with other best in breed Publishing & Engagement Tools, Customer Care Tools, and BI Tools so your organization can have an end-to-end suite of best of breed solutions.


Note: Pricing is Pre-Quid so call for current pricing -- NetBase offers a 3-tiered pricing plan: Starter (20 topics), Business (35 topics), and Enterprise (70 topics), but their prices are not published on their site.


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