News Data Service


News Data Service (NDS) was founded in 1996 and has grown to become among the most comprehensive media monitoring companies in the United States. NDS is a corporation comprised of 35 local and regional monitoring companies (Like Video News for example) who combine their resources to provide deep national resources. The NDS affiliates are among some of the oldest and most established media monitoring companies in the world. NDS and its affiliates have been supplying media monitoring, clipping and professional services to most of the brands in today’s marketplace for over 30 years. Today, News Data Service provides a complete monitoring, measurement and analysis solution along with the advanced tools and expert service our clients need. From broadcast TV and radio, internet news, social media and print monitoring to advanced tools and services like executive briefings, power search and media analysis, News Data Service gives their clients everything they need to be confident and be sure that they know the media that impacts their brands and organizations.


News Data Service provides professional services in: Broadcast TV News Monitoring and Clipping Broadcast Radio Monitoring and Clipping Internet and Social Media Monitoring Print Monitoring and Clipping Power Search Executive Briefings Media Analysis


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