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Online news content and media placement service NewsUSA was founded in 1987 by President and CEO Rick Smith. The company offers a qualitative and cost-effective alternative to traditional media advertising campaigns. Today, NewsUSA is the nation's premier PR advertising and news feature placement service receiving millions of media impressions each day.


NewsUSA: Guaranteed Mat Release Placement Inform and educate consumers while creating brand awareness and enhancing product image to a guaranteed mass audience! Here’s what our mat release placement service will bring for you: ##building strong media placement campaigns with story ideas and direct editorial contact; ##creating & distributing media-ready features to our vast network of media outlets; ##monitoring monthly media placement by newspapers and radio stations; ##providing detailed reports and actual clips via hard-copy and electronic format; ##nationwide media access; ##story placement in social media channels, via social syndication services; ##enhancing product and brand awareness Written and formatted according to AP If you are aiming for a national and guaranteed marketing or publicity message through thousands of media outlets, our guaranteed mat release placement is right for you! We guarantee national media coverage for our clients, exposing their brands and messages to consumers throughout the U.S., without the prohibitive costs associated with traditional marketing and advertising.



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