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NewsAI is a list building and email distribution tool for PR professionals that can send out personalized pitches with less work. The tool debuted in February and the founders say the biggest problem they wanted to solve for PR pros was staying up to date with all of your contacts on your media list. The second was being able to send out personal pitches to reporters. They set out to build a tool to manage media lists and contacts – their service updates the media list for you. They keep their lists up to date by using social data, linked-in, Instagram, twitter to find the other profile info. Twitter bios & tweets inform them about job changes. This is automated and if one changes then it flags it and tries to find their new email. Another big timesaver is being able to see what your all your contacts are posting on social media and in their blog posts, on a single platform, so you can stay up to date with their work. At the moment, you have to bring your own list and they’ll keep it updated after that. They anticipate launching a media database to build lists by end of 2017. You can add contacts after you upload your original list and if any fields are blank, like social, if it’s in their database it will auto populate social and other profiles info.


Create and reuse highly customizable templates – Think Mail Merges but simpler. Schedule email delivery at your convenience.
Send personalized emails to reporters on your list – and then learn if they opened the email – (you don’t need an unsubscribe link so it doesn’t feel like a bulk mail.) One of the options in customization of templates is the ability to pull in the title of the most recent article an editor wrote as part of your personalization

You can also attach tags to your contacts that have meaning so they’re easy to organize and segment.
Monitor pitch success by knowing when recipients are opening your emails or clicking on your links.


Cost: Starts at $15.99/month and is based on number of emails sent each month. Larger, custom agency packages are also available and include: Multiple users, List, Dashboard & Template Sharing, Personal Onboarding Sessions, Custom features, and Dedicated 24/7 Support.


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