NewsBox is an affordable, single platform solution to manage public relations, business intelligence and inbound marketing. Customers of other solutions have complained that these platforms are cluttered and use news as a secondary add-on service but are not focused on news and extracting insights and intelligence. NewsBox has garnered feedback from a growing number of users and studied market competition to create what is a viable alternative to competing content distribution platforms. NewsBox is different from traditional PR platforms in that it allows publishers to reach readers with follow-up news, communicate directly with writers and gather data directly from readers instead of competing platforms pushing news out to a network of third-party websites. And, NewsBox can save companies money over one-time distribution services or pitching journalists to get a story out. Create Free Account Add your Contacts Post your Content Distribute Content Monitor Results Select from over 500 categories based on targeted geography, topics or industry; share on Facebook, LindedIn, Twitter and other services. Monitor all channels in a single location.


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