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The Notified PR Suite positions itself as the next generation PR & communication workflow automation platform.  The new Notified PR Suite is built from the best parts of the Intrado portfolio. This includes Notified’s powerful media monitoring and analytics capabilities, alongside GlobeNewswire’s comprehensive wire distribution.  Paired with technology for dynamic Newsrooms, machine learning, and AI capabilities, it provides an updated and improved user experience for PR and marketing professionals. For those of you who have been in PR for decades this started out as MyMediaInfo, which was acquired by Thompson Reuters, then Nasdaq, then WestCorp.  Westcorp rebranded to Intrado, and Intrado introduced Notified.


LISTEN gives you an instant view of your media exposure across all global news outlets including online news, blogs and print. Add millions of social media sources from more than 150 countries to the mix, and you have everything you need to stay on top of information regarding your brand, your competitors and your industry. All in a single interface.

MEASURE allows you to combine insights from your earned media performance with both owned social accounts data and PR outreach analytics to get the full picture that you have always needed. Measure provides you with a fast and easy-to-use interface with endless possibilities for customization.

CUSTOM REPORTS – Make knowledge a resource within the company with daily, weekly or monthly reports.  Notified recognizes that different teams have different information needs.  You can easily set up reports that automatically keep all teams on top of both social conversations and news.

AMPLIFY enables you to leverage on your media exposure and display authentic content on any digital touchpoint. With just a few clicks you will get stunning visualizations that engage your audience in new ways. Showcase User-Generated Content to boost conversion rates, turn your live audience into a marketing force, or use the visualized feeds to communicate news within the organization.




Pricing is on their website and starts at $2085 for essentials and $2750 monthly for Expert. Annual discounts may be available.


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