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The consulting arm of the Strategic Planning Institute, the PIMS (Profit Impact of Market Strategy) Program offers an online, fee-based access to selected high interest strategic applications.  PIMS® is used to develop strategies for resource allocation and marketing. These include: Return on Investment Report - what level of profitability is "expected" for comparable businesses; Market Share Change Report - what level of share gain/loss is "expected" for comparable businesses; Marketing Budget Report - what level of marketing expenses is "expected" for comparable businesses; Market Attractiveness/Competitive Strength Report - how attractive is the market/competitive position of comparable businesses.


The PIMS® database

The database gives each PIMS® consultant currently over 25,000 years of business experience at the SBU level (i.e. where the customer interface takes place and where marketing and investment decisions are made). Each SBU is characterized by 500 factors over a period of 3+ years. The companies in the PIMS® database contribute financial data as well as information on customers, markets, competitors, and operations on their companies at the SBU level. The SBUs in the database are separated into eight classifications: producers of consumer durables, consumer non-durables, capital goods, raw materials, components, or supplies; wholesale and retail distributors; and providers of services. Specific companies and industries are not identified. Each SBU profile includes financial data from the income statement and balance sheet, as well as information about quality, price, new products, market share, and competitive tactics.

Connect with our experts

We would be delighted to meet with a leadership team to give an overview of the PIMS® Strategic Benchmarking software, and to explore how you might structure your SBU definitions to best benefit from participation.


Subscription includes access to the four PIMS database business applications. Individual Subscriptions cost: $995 for one month and $2,500 for three months.


Pricing has likely changed, please call sales for current pricing.


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