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Pitch engine was founded in 2008 by Jason Kintzler, and originally positioned as an alternative to the traditional press release and push distribution process. It has become a key resource for the social media press release, enabling communicators to easily package-up their own branded content into a single web page called a social media release.


In addition to the social media release and analytics (depending on which level you choose,) users also get a brand page that features all of your published pitches, your contact info, and followers. You can also embed that feed into your website, Facebook fan page, and other brand outlets so that every time you publish a pitch it will automatically show up on your brand page and feed! This cuts down on time you spend posting to every platform after you create a great looking pitch.


Free Subscription: Free pitches look very similar to paid pitches and include content from other brands in the sidebar. Your pitches will also be indexed in Google, Yahoo and Bing. Pro Subscription: For $99 per month, with a Pro subscription you'll get full access to analytics for each pitch you publish; information that helps you track where your views are coming from, and how many you're getting per pitch.


More updates to come


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