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PRWeb distributes press releases over the Internet via RSS. Distribution partners include Yahoo! News, Google News, Lycos News,, Excite News and eMediaWire. PRWeb also owns international websites to distribute press releases in Spanish (Ambos Medios), French, Chinese, and to French-Canadian and English-Canadian markets. PRWeb operates a family of websites. These sites include: – the main PRWeb website that allows users to upload and distribute press releases online; - online news release distribution optimized to reach UK-based journalists, bloggers, consumers and others; PRWeb Photowire – a digital image wire service; PRWeb Podcast - featuring recorded interviews about press releases; RSS Pad – a website that allows users to create RSS feeds; Newspad – the search portal for all PRWeb applications; 301url – a website that assists in the creation of shorter URLs.


Feature include: distribution through the Associated Press to top US newspapers; send news directly to top newspapers, like USA Today; embed feature video in release; free editorial consultation; see where your news is being read through advanced analytics; download reports in PDF format; promote business on Google AdWords™; improve rankings on search engines, like Google and Yahoo!; drive search results with advanced keywords; build your inbound link network to increase your credibility in search engines; track search engine traffic and identify key search terms used to find your news; reach industry-specific websites and blogs; share your news on Twitter; increase visibility with social bookmark links; be found on top sites, like Yahoo! and Google; get long-term traffic with permanent placement on; track results with views and clicks.


For Basic visibility the service is $99 per release. The Standard service costs $159 per release, which is sent to thousands of news outlets. The Advanced (most popular) service costs $249 per release and your news is optimized for search visibility on the the most highly-rated new release service. The Premium service is $369 per release and your news goes to premier news outlets, such as the New York Times, USA Today and through the Associated Press. Lastly, the Financial service is $499 per release and your news will appear on the top business and financial sites.


PRWeb offers advanced analytics allowing clients to see the words people searched for to find the release and download reports and analysis to measure the reach of news.


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