West Corp. Press & Social Media Monitoring


Media Monitoring, powered by Synthesio, tracks conversations that are timely, topical and actionable so that you can more effectively manage opportunities for customer service, crisis management, competitor benchmarking, and more. Closely following relevant conversations and events with media monitoring can help you: Help protect brand reputation by detecting and managing crises before they escalate. See audience demographics segmented by geography, sentiment, gender and interest. Track customer and market response to new offerings and product launches. Monitor competitors and key industry issues. Gain a high-level understanding of your brand’s social media footprint. Monitor global conversations and track activity


Follow conversations where they are happening with real-time access to 6,000,000+ websites in more than 190 countries and 80 languages—including local social networks in China, Russia, the Middle East and South America. Content is sourced from blogs, mainstream news sites, social networks, message boards and user-generated content.

Your customizable dashboard is presented to you in a visually rich, interactive display that surfaces detailed social analytics including share of voice, mention volume, audience demographics, conversation sentiment and awareness.

Keep on top of company mentions and react quickly with real-time alerts

Alerts act as an early warning system to help you stay ahead of business-critical issues and conversations. Decide which events will trigger notifications to your team, and customize your alerts to best suit your needs. When there’s activity on your dashboard, like data spikes, growing conversations with many comments, or conversations based on specific or sensitive keywords, you can be alerted in real time and take action as appropriate.


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