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PRLeap is SEO press release platform, which allows you to create and distribute social media press releases. Google, Yahoo, Bing and Blekko will index your press release within minutes of it being published on The platform also lets people share your press release with friends on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+.


The PRLeap press release template is designed to be simple, and allows you to include photo images and video to tell your story visually. The PRLeap press release template also automatically formats your press release, so it looks great on all devices and social media platforms. The tools also tracks the progress of your press release so you can measure its results, and download reports to share with the clients.


PRLeap offers three pricing plans. The Standard plan allows you to distribute one press release for $99. With the Monthly plan, you can distribute one release per month for $79. The Annual plan allows you to distribute up to 12 press releases for a flat fee of $699.


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