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SharpSpring began with the goal of bringing marketing analytics and automation tools to small and medium businesses on an affordable and easy-to-use SaaS platform. They have a focus on PR agencies specifically which allows the traditional storytellers to break in to the fast-growing marketplace of content marketing/marketing automation for their clients effectively allowing them tell their stories direct to consumer/prospect if you will. Built for small-medium business agencies can white label the technology with your own branding and provide valuable inbound marketing services to your existing clients. If you’re a consultant or small agency it’s worth a look.


SharpSpring understands that people build and manage websites many different ways so they’re agnostic and you can build them any way you want. If you’re using Wordpress CMS or Joomla, etc. you can integrate very easily. They do have a form builder built-in and a CRM system as well which is useful. ZoomInfo is a data partner providing provides reverse lookup info.
Their email system is a lot like MailChimp or Constant Contact and you can migrate the emails you built in the past, you can have all of the reporting info and automate future communications (for everyone who clicked link A, send them to workflow A – for those that clicked B, go to B, for those who didn’t do anything do X. So, automation is important. SharpSpring also provides a media center built in so you can see when people are opening your case studies, or white papers, or whatever.

Sharpspring is an Adwords API partner so you can get all the same data you can get with Google Adwords but you don’t create or buy your Adwords in Shaprspring you track it in Sharpspring along with all the other campaigns you’re running.




If you are an agency there is special white label pricing and you should contact sales. End-user pricing starts at $399/month and goes up from there.


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