Social 360


Social 360 is a dynamic and versatile public relations tool that holds immense value for communication professionals aiming to optimize their social media strategies. This tool functions as a comprehensive solution for monitoring, analyzing, and enhancing an organization's social media presence. Built by communications professionals, for communications professionals, Social360 provides intelligent digital media monitoring and analysis by searching for relevant conversations taking place on the public web. The company combinees proprietary technology with the insight of highly experienced communications executives, who interrogate the collected data and deliver relevant, targeted daily intelligence reports written in plain English, delivered in your inbox all before you get to the office. There is no need to login into another piece of software.


Social 360’s key features encompass real-time social media tracking across various platforms, enabling users to monitor mentions, hashtags, and trending topics relevant to their brand or industry. Social 360’s sentiment analysis capabilities provide insights into public sentiment and reactions surrounding specific content or campaigns. The tool’s user-friendly dashboard offers customizable reporting and visualization options, aiding in the interpretation and communication of data-driven insights. Social 360 allows for competitor benchmarking, facilitating a deeper understanding of the competitive landscape. By offering a holistic view of social media performance and trends, Social 360 empowers PR professionals to refine their strategies, engage with audiences effectively, and ultimately achieve greater success in the realm of digital communication.


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