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SocialBee also offers a range of social media help, or concierge services for a fee. For example: You know Social Media is important. You see it every time you stand in line at a Starbucks. But who has time to do it all? You barely have time to get your latte. Not to mention doing it right, on top of everything else going on in your business. With the Social Media Specialist (SMS) or Social Media Specialist Plus (SMS Plus) Concierge Service, we’ll take care of your social profiles so you can focus on what matters most to you and your business! See all Concierge services here:


SocialBee helps you not only schedule content for your channels, it helps you grow the engagement on your platforms, post evergreen content, curate the best content for you.

You can categorize your content, so when you create your social media calendar, you know in every moment how many times the content from one category was shared and how it fits in your overall plan. This can come in handy when you have something to promote on your social channels, such as an event, a contest, a Twitter chat, a Facebook or Instagram live, etc.




There are 3 levels of pricing: Bootstrap, Accellerate, and Pro - Boostrap starts at $19 per month.


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