WestCorp Media Database (formerly Nasdaq/MymediaInfo)


Access detailed contact profiles and editorial calendars verified by our research team. Improve your media engagement, build targeted lists and identify opportunities for coverage.


Creating media lists with outdated and inaccurate information can be frustrating and sap your productivity―you need accurate content that gives you insight into the journalists and influencers you’re targeting. Our Media Database gives you access to profiles across traditional and social media outlets which are verified for accuracy by our research team.

Improve your media & influencer targeting

View comprehensive media profiles including bios, communication preferences and social media accounts.
Easily build media lists and import them directly into GlobeNewswire.
Identify contacts, build media lists and send targeted messages.
Use editorial calendars to find earned media opportunities

Get detailed information including outlet profiles, circulation numbers and ad rate details.

Identify high-impact opportunities with dynamic search across a number of variables, including circulation, focus, frequency, story topic and date range.

Never miss a deadline by using the email reminder tool to alert you when a deadline is near.



More updates to come


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