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With the growing landscape of journalists & influencers the media is a much broader entity. Traditional methods can be inaccurate and imprecise; subsequently journalists are receiving numerous mis-targeted, irrelevant pitches every day. WooPitch searches social profiles that are updated by the contact themselves, making it considerably more accurate than any other media data available.


WooPitch interrogates Social Media Platforms such as Linkedin and uniquely aggregates the information into a powerful easy to use database. There are standard topic related search fields you can use but you’re free to add any keywords you can think of. WooPitch searches the web – not a static, stale database so allows for pin point targeting. You want to find all Editors with an interest in wearable technology in the UK? Easy. How about a search targeting influencers or experts for a quote about sustainable food?
Cost: Full pricing on their website at http://www.woopitch.com/#pricing. Try it for free, contract from $65 per month. Pricing is based on number of lookups per month. Free always are unlimited searches and 10 email & social profile lookups per month. Use it when you have a campaign – Cancel when you don’t.


From $65.00 per month


Pricing is based on number of lookups per month.


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