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A Very Handy Communications Measurement Vendor Selection Guide

By Gina Milani

October 14, 2019

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Do you ever wish you had someone who could tell you which tools are best for a specific activity?  I know I do, that was one of the reasons for starting PRToolfinder, so people could find all the tools available.  What we don’t do is evaluate the tools so we use the blog to help steer readers to valuable resources from leaders in their fields. 

I recently ran across such a resource at Paine Publishing.  Their Vendor Selection Guide can help you choose the best communications measurement vendor(s) for your needs. It starts by laying out 12 typical problems that need to be solved. It then provides options to solve those problems, and only then helps determine the most suitable vendor(s).  It is designed to be used along with their “8 Quick Tips for Finding the Perfect Communications Measurement Vendor in 2019.”

Katie Delahaye Paine, CEO, has been leading the charge for social and traditional media measurement for three decades. Her latest company, Paine Publishing, is dedicated to providing communications professionals the knowledge they need to measure what matters to their organization. If you’re serious about keeping pace with industry standards where media measurement is concerned, you’ll want to check out Paine Publishing’s newsletter: The Measurement Advisor.

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