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Any online newsroom that doesn’t work well on a mobile device is essentially useless

By Gina Milani

July 8, 2019

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PRNewsonline recently published a useful article reminding us how important it is to keep your online newsroom current. In a world flooded with information your online pressroom is not something you can just “set and forget.”

It suggests that we view the newsroom as an aggregator and that this doesn’t mean all of your content has to “live” in your newsroom; a link to its location is all that’s necessary.

We’re on our phones constantly, so are the editors we want to reach so this served as a great reminder that if you put up your newsroom some time ago you should make sure it’s optimized for mobile –“eliminate the barriers that will force them to search elsewhere for information about your company.” Check out the article for more great tips and if you need help setting up a newsroom visit PRtoolfinder’s Electronic Media Kit category for a recently updated list of resources & pricing.

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