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Cision’s Going Public!

By Gina Milani

March 21, 2017

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We last reported on Cision in October when they announced the new Cision Communications Cloud. Yesterday they announced that they are preparing to make Cision a public company. The public offering is expected to foster increased investment in Cision’s core business that the company will utilize to enhance the value customers derive from their products, technology, and customer service. It’s unclear what will happen to the other brands acquired over the past several years. The full press release can be read here.

In the email announcing the move, the president pointed out a few innovations in the works (excerpted directly from the email):

• Expansion of our data-driven communications capabilities. We are investing in R&D that will help us build an “Influencer Graph,” which will help you link the consumption of your earned media coverage to key buying behaviors that you track on your website. This will help you demonstrate the ROI of your communications strategy to the broader business.

• More robust integration of PRNewswire into the Cision Communications Cloud™. To further deliver on our vision to combine PR software and press release distribution, we’ll soon be announcing that the majority of PR Newswire services can be accessed alongside all of the other Communications Cloud capabilities. This expands our ability to provide one central place to manage your communications.

• Expansion of our Insights offerings. We know software can’t solve all your communications needs. That’s why we’re investing in a robust professional services arm, the Cision Insights team that can develop custom reporting and analysis about how your earned media impacts business results.

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