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It’s here! Cision’s new Integrated Platform

By Gina Milani

October 31, 2016

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We’ve been following Cision’s acquisitions for the past year or so as they bought best in class companies (the new media database resulted from their Cision/Vocus/Gorkana databases). Earlier this month I recently sat in on a demo featuring the platform they built that incorporates components from all to deliver a brand new product offering. It’s an open roadmap and they emphasized that they worked with customers in a lot of countries from solo to large enterprises to drive the new platform to simplify workflow, improve user experience, increase collaboration across PR, social and marketing.

Everyone has been struggling to transform data to intelligence – to deliver meaningful analytics to prove value delivered but also to gain deeper insights into the influencers we’re trying to reach. Cision wanted to deliver tools to enable engagement, amplification and measurement of that engagement. There were a lot of products/features to work with from the acquisitions and the outcome is pretty cool. Here are some bullet points on what they provide from the webinar:

● Cool new way to identify influencers, engage and analyze
● Often times you’re at an event and you want to know who is writing about a specific topic and you don’t want to wait until someone writes about it – you can see in real time on Twitter.
● Insight on the history tab to determine what kind of outreach a particular editor has had with you, your agency or your organization – especially important if you have a globally disbursed team.
● You can also look at where Twitter followers are located to map to perhaps where does most golf activity occur, are his followers there?
● Social Posting (Viral Heat acquisition) – schedule in advance for upcoming social campaigns.
● Agencies wanted a way to manage influencers across their many clients and this is part of the new platform.
● Lots of deeper insights into what the editor is interested in, what his/her beat is, and who is following/interests, etc.
● There are a lot of challenges to email to execute some really common tasks – now it’s easy to send email to an email contact list, templates already optimized to be readable on mobile phone, etc.
● PRWeb – now fully integrated into the new platform and they’ve made the entire end-to-end process
● PR Newswire as well – if you’re a customer with the wire distribution, they’ll connect you to the Online Member Center and you can distribute that way.
● Track what contacts to what action, quickly filter down depending on what info you’re looking for and promptly do a followup campaign email – this makes it really quick to find that subset of contacts to capitalize on that engagement.
● Monitor results of earned media: The breadth of content they’re bringing in to the monitoring abilities is really unparalleled. You can understand the reach of a particular piece but also the sentiment and company specific tones – sometimes an article may be neutral but positive for the company – deep insight into each article’s mention – no more manual efforts – this is automatically done when the content comes in via automatic tagging. You can also set up immediate mention alerts.
● Clip report or executive summary reports available – and you can also export to Excel if you wish.
● Advanced analytics allow you to customize and track executives, products, etc.
● Yes, they do have “publicity value” for those who still want to use that as a form of measurement but they no longer recommend using that as a metric.

The Cision global insights team can provide more qualitative analysis for results. Cision’s point is that in today’s world you’re trying to create that 1:1 engagement with an editor and/or influencer. It’s hard to do that with 1500 people in a meaningful way without a tool like Cision. The insights to help you find and target the right influencers for your campaign initiative.

The new platform is available now – you can stay on your existing platform but if you wish to upgrade, there are good options to do so when you’re ready to move to the new platform.
Check it out! Get a Demo!

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