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Database Update! Article Marketing Category Changes

By Gina Milani

March 31, 2018

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In article marketing, businesses produce articles bylined by qualified executives or staff members and related to their particular industry. These articles are then distributed and published on the Internet or through traditional media outlets. Well-written articles are released for free distribution with the potential of increasing search rankings as well as the author’s credibility as an authority within the market. Articles can also attract new clients.

Most article marketing resources are free but change happens and so we’ve made some updates to this category.

Storify, the digital tool that lets users string together stories and timelines using social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, shut down last May (yeah, we’re a little late on this one). When it launched to the public in 2011, Storify was heralded as a dynamic innovation in the world of digital publishing. It became a key tool for journalists, allowing them to combine the best of user-generated content on the internet with reporting in dynamic, embeddable formats.

Other resources who have shut down or are no longer relevant and that have also been removed from this category in PRtoolfinder are: Lulu, ezine, Repubhub, Amazines, Article dashboard, Articlebase, Bukisa, and Scribd.

If you have any suggested additions to this category, feel free to email me, [email protected]

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