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LexisNexis now offers a full suite of Media Intelligence Plus a Codie award-winning NewsDesk Content Search & Discovery Solution

By Gina Milani

June 28, 2019

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I recently had an opportunity to catch up with LexisNexis and was particularly interested in hearing what was new with their Newsdesk product. Lexis is the legal part of their business, and Nexis is the News part. Newsdesk was a product that came with the Moreover technology acquisition and expanded the existing LexisNexis data sources (news, wires, trade & industry pubs) to include web, social media, TV and radio content which makes it a very comprehensive news monitoring tool. Recently they’ve made several enhancements to their offerings and I wanted to see what was new in their media intelligence area.

Quite a bit as it turns out. Newsdesk recently won the prestigious CODiE Award for Best Content Search & Discovery Solution for 2019 with its new interface that makes results more insightful and consumable. Powerful easy to use search and filters for content to allow you to get the most relevant information and be able to share it with those that need it. Today LexisNexis offers a full suite of Media Intelligence solutions. Here are some highlights:

Media Monitoring & Analytics/LexisNexis Newsdesk®: Brings together media metrics and human expertise for custom media analysis and newsletter curation. Products include Curated Newsletters, Brand Health Report, Brand Benchmark Analysis, Media Landscape Report, Social Media Influencer Landscape Report. Over 90 Languages, 4M–Average Number of Articles and Posts Added Daily, Content from 235 Countries and Regions, Nearly 100K News Sources, 100M Social Media Posts from 2.5M Social Feeds.

Media Contacts Database & Distribution (Powered by Agility PR) – Identify and connect with the right influencers using LexisNexis® Media Contacts Solution—a media database and communications platform Powered by Agility PR Solutions. 800,000 contacts, over 200 countries
2M updates annually and high delivery rates.

Advanced Social Analytics (Powered by Talkwalker) – this solution offers offers global, real-time social media monitoring, along with image and text analytics, to keep your social media performance on the growth trajectory you seek. Listen, find, analyze, benchmark, measure, report. It also integrates with Hootsuite social media marketing/scheduling tool.

Media Data APIs (DAAS – Data as a Service) Integrate near real-time news and social media data from a comprehensive, global content collection into predictive analytics and machine learning applications to guide strategic decision making and boost performance in a constantly-evolving market. The LexisNexis® Metabase API could be a valuable resource for Corporate Intranets, Business Portals, Search Engines, Proprietary Databases and Artificial Intelligence Applications.

Pricing: Newsdesk pricing starts at $10K annually or $835/month, that includes 1 ID; Social Analytics pricing starts at $8,400 annually, Media contacts database subscription is $4K annually.

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