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Muck Rack joins Media Databases and Media Monitoring Tools

By Gina Milani

November 21, 2019

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I was surprised to discover that Muck Rack had never been added to the PRtoolfinder database as I’ve been aware of it for many years.  It originally started as a media database of what journalists were sharing on twitter and has transitioned to include important features of a CRM (customer relationship management) system that also makes it a really useful tool for PR people trying to keep track of the journalist relationships they’re building.

It includes features like email tracking and it allows you to “personalize at scale” – meaning you can easily personalize your pitch for each editor after you’ve selected the targets on your list.  You can even schedule your pitches to go out in the future.    

Muck Rack works with small & large customers – I’m told smaller customers like it because of the customer service & full-time editorial team that verifies journalists though that’s something I would think everyone values these days!   It also separates freelancers and includes podcasts as a media type which is something different.


Muck Rack Alerts appear to be a very popular feature among users as everything is integrated – you can see who has written articles about your company and about issues you may care about and immediately add journalists to relevant media lists and follow up with them if appropriate.  Also, if an older story gets renewed traction on Twitter, you can see and keep track of that as well!

Create an Alert before starting a campaign and while researching for new opportunities. With daily or multiple times per day alerts, you’ll receive emails whenever a journalist writes a new article, breaks news on Twitter or shares relevant stories. Just as importantly, Muck Rack Alerts can ensure you’re the first to know—and act—when a crisis hits and you need to be on top of it.

Journalists like Muck Rack because Muck Rack’s technology and editorial teamwork behind the scenes to automatically create and update journalists’ profile page for them, they don’t have to do anything to maintain a current and professionally designed online portfolio of everything they’ve written, regardless of where it’s been published. Clips, outlets, and social media profiles are automatically compiled and regularly updated, providing one-stop access to all of their active links. Freelancers can use Muck Rack as a personal portfolio when looking for work, and publishers can use Muck Rack to look for writers.  With full-text backups and Muck Rack’s blazingly fast text search, it’s fast and easy to browse an entire body of work – that’s a valuable feature for everyone.

Find out more by visiting their new listing in or visit their website where you’ll find a host of interesting case studies – and you can also request a demo!   

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