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New Media Monitoring/Research Tool Added: TrendKite

By Gina Milani

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In this age of analytics, it matters when a product both monitors and analyzes. Perhaps we need to think about how we segment these tools. PR is starting to transition away from some of the legacy metrics we’ve been comfortable with – readership, ad equivalency, etc. – and transition PR into the modern age to provide tangible quantifiable metrics that show you if you are succeeding or not succeeding. To that point, TrendKite monitors and analyzes every piece of data before it hits your screen and dashboard so you know what impact the media results are having on your brand.

They do have readership and ad value built in, but additionally one of the metrics they’ve created is social amplification – reach your audience but get your audience engaged. They talk about “Goal completion” which to them is a call to action – it’s what you want someone to do once they hit your site. They claim to be the only platform integrated with Google Analytics so they can track how press coverage is driving traffic to a website so you can start to see from press coverage how many people are entering your funnel.
How does it work? Every piece of press coverage is automatically analyzed. Let’s say you have 1400 mentions – overwhelming right? TrendKite can set up multiple views and dashboards say one for European coverage, one for Asian coverage, etc.

You can also track competitive coverage and where it’s occurring. Because they have unlimited dashboards you can build out dashboards that look at what you want – even an industry as a whole so you can begin to understand where that particular industry is going. Their reporting functionality was all built in-house as well.
Other features include Google Alert-type functions that are customizable by who wants to see what; a brand new newsletter feature, and broadcast & print capabilities as well.

Their ideal customer? TrendKite is positioned as a “best in class” premier product. Clients include Starbucks global, Boeing, Snapchat etc. but pricing may not be out of reach so a demo could be useful as there are opportunities to scale. We’ll be listing this tool under both media monitor and research categories in the database.

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