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New Tools in PRToolfinder’s Editorial Calendars & Journalist Networks Category

By Gina Milani

March 2, 2019

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A while back I ran across an article written by Katy Cowan called “20 free or affordable PR tools to help with your media relations.” Not all of her recommendations made it into the PRtoolfinder database, some companies are no longer in business, but it’s articles like these that help shine a light on tools we all should be aware of and PRtoolfinder is the only website committed to being the most complete and up-to-date resource to find the best PR tool whether you’re just starting out or looking for the most robust tool on the market.

Here’s the list of what’s new in the Editorial Calendar and Journalist networks category:

PRHunters “PR Leads Delivered to Your In-box” – There’s not a lot on their site except some testimonials that they’re the best thing since HARO (acquired by Cision, and already in but in a tweet from last year they announced that in 25 hours they fielded inquiries for Bitcoin experts, Credit card experts, Chatbot experts, AI, experts, Nutrition experts, Personal trainers, Black Friday experts, Psychologists, Pharmacists, Local real estate, experts and Credit experts. So, go ahead and create a free account!

JournoRequests “the UK’s leading media request service” – JournoRequests helps you to connect with journalists and bloggers, saving you time scanning for coverage opportunities on Twitter. They
take every tweet using the #journorequests hashtag, check it’s not spam, cast a human eye over it and send you an email alert – all within 3 minutes. This service is free but they also have a premium service.


Reporter Connection: This service has been discontinued and removed from PRtoolfinder.

Visit for a full list of services to help you find PR opportunities for your clients!

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