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PR Hunters discovers PR Opps via Tweet and delivers them to your Email In-Box

By Gina Milani

August 2, 2019

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I ran across a PR tool called PR Hunters the other day — their website is very sparse, although I suppose it’s as complete as it needs to be. One testimonial on the site says “PR Hunters is the best thing since HARO!” This tells us that it’s a tool to connect journalists writing stories with contacts who can provide content and/or experts. We have added this tool in the Editorial Calendars & Journalist Networks category of

According to content found elsewhere, the system crawls Twitter seeking out journalists who are tweeting out requests for sources to contact them. All users have the ability to filter out journalists to fit their requests using the built-in filtering system which uses NLP (Natural Language Processing) to match potential journalists’ requests up with a PRHunters user.

Pro users have access to real-time updates notifying them the moment a journalist tweets out a request relating to their business. Like HARO, there are both free and the Pro level for instant alerts is only $5.00/month. Check it out and let us know what you think!

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