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Updates to the Editorial Calendars & Journalist Networks Category

By G

July 7, 2021

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Twice a year, PRToolfider updates its database of tools.  Two changes have been made to the Editorial Calendar and Journalist Networks category.  JournoRequests (UK Media) has announced that its present service will be shutting down in August 2021 as the company refocuses their efforts on a newly imagined offering.  JournoRequests, launched in 2015, became part of the ResponseSource family in June 2017.

While the JournoRequests team refocuses their product efforts on a new generation enquiry service, all current subscribers are invited to a complimentary two-week free trial of the market leading ResponseSource Journalist Enquiry Service which delivers immediate access to high quality, targeted and curated requests, sent directly to your inbox from journalists and broadcasters at leading national, regional and trade outlets.

West Corp (formerly Nasdaq and MyEdcals) has been removed from the database because it was acquired by Intrado and incorporated into new products under the Intrado brand.   


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