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You’ve been Notified! There’s a new Media Suite in Town all the way from Sweden!

By Gina Milani

October 26, 2019

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At PRSA’s International Conference in San Diego this year I saw a demo of a super cool new tool called Notified.  If I had not made a demo appointment in advance, I surely would have been drawn in by their adorable Narwhal giveaway. 

Notified was founded in 2010 and quickly became a disruptor in Sweden and across the Nordics. In the beginning Notified was a social listening platform, but they wanted to do more – media monitoring and measurement as well.  Their goal has remained the same — to create a truly unique platform for PR and marketing professionals; one that delivers deeper, more actionable insights from social data and earned media, and brings the entire communications workflow into a single platform.  This past April 2019, Notified was acquired and became part of the Intrado family, a global leader in digital communications.

The core is the listening module where you can monitor your brand, competition and industry trends and find journalists writing about these topics in real time. The user interface is very clean and easily navigable.  It offers real-time media monitoring across online news, print and social media and an AI-powered media contacts database.  The GlobeNewswire news distribution integration allows you to effortlessly develop and distribute your news releases. also super cool, but note that this is an additional cost.  Still, the ease of use of having everything in one-login is a real draw. 

Another interesting feature that allows you to control the earned media presentation is their dynamic online newsrooms.  It is customizable and can feature branded and user-generated content, and reporting that gives you a 360-degree look at your performance. Worth the time to take a demo to learn how this new tool can easily simplify your workflow and maximize your success.  Pricing is in the $9K range but I’m told Notify likes to have some flexibility in working with their customers so – worth the time to check them out!   You’ll find them in the Media Suites and Media database categories of PRtoolfinder.

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