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Welcome to the New
PRToolFinder Community

In the evolving world of communications and public relations, staying ahead of the curve requires access to the right tools. That’s where PRToolFinder comes in. PRToolFinder itself isn’t new, it’s been a go-to source to find PR tools for years now. We’re thrilled to introduce our new community platform intended to make your PR journey as successful as possible whether you are a PR Pro or a business seeking PR tools or perhaps some PR assistance.
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What’s New?

A Faster Experience: We know time is money in the fast-paced PR industry. Our new website ensures you get instant access to the information you need with faster results from tool database queries.

PRToolFinder Database

We’ve expanded our categories and added tools that reflect how our PR industry is changing and cover a wider range of PR expertise. Whether you’re looking for new generative AI tools, media monitoring, influencer outreach, or social media management tools, we’ve got you covered. The database now includes 28 categories with over 230 tools (including the free tools!)

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But what we think is the most exciting development that promises to shake things up is….

We’ve added a PR Directory focused on independent PR consultants and small boutique firms (teams of 3 or fewer), and a new forum functionality

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Collaboration is key to success. Now you can connect with fellow PR professionals, share your experiences via tool reviews, share insights in the forum or guest blog, ask questions, and learn from each other.
The new community/forum encourages collaboration, the exchange of information and moving your business forward.


Business subscribers can connect with PR professionals who can help you with projects, strategy and more. We’ve included a PR Directory in this community for a reason – if you’re a business searching for PR tools, there’s a good chance you need some PR assistance as well.

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Subscribe for the database, stay for the community. Together, we'll elevate the PR industry to new heights

Now you can not only find PR tools the easy way, through the forum or directory you may even easily find a new strategic partner!

Take advantage of Inaugural Membership Rates and discounts through 2024!
Discover the currently 28 categories with descriptions of PR tools designed for or commonly used by PR people

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