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Christmas is always the time for fun tool lists

By Gina Milani

December 22, 2016

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As we prepare for the holidays I have been getting a lot of emails with predictions and top 10 lists – and since PRtoolfinder is all about PR tools, I thought I would share the link to SpinSuck’s post which begins “On the eleventh day of Christmas, Spin Sucks gave to you 11 PR tools…” (Image courtesy of Spin Sucks)

This post is both informative and entertaining!
There are some tools mentioned that you won’t find in the PRtoolfinder database. We try to include only tools that were “made specifically for or commonly used by PR professionals” which is always a tough decision to make.
You can check out the over 300 tools we DO have in the database by keyword or category, and we also maintain a Facebook page where we list all of the “other” tools that PR folks find useful. On our Facebook pages we offer an Operations Resources – tools to help you in your day to day operations; Jobs & BizDev Resources; and a listing of PR and Social Media Communities you may also find useful. Check it out!

Enjoy & Happy Holidays!!!

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