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Introducing Woopitch — a different kind of media contacts database!

By Gina Milani

April 10, 2017

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Any Media Database will find a Technology Correspondent but can yours find Fintech Journalists in the UK, Wearables Bloggers in Europe or Plus Size Fashion Editors in the US? Woopitch takes PR to the next level finding the real niche Journalist in any subject, globally, for an entirely new level of fine targeting. Woopitch makes intelligent use of Journalist’s own, self-generated profiles to take media targeting precision to a whole new level. There are no geographical restrictions, you can search wherever you like!

What’s really different is that this media contacts database is available without an annual subscription! Yes, you can use it when you have a campaign and cancel when you don’t and the affordability makes this also cost effective for the smallest of clients. We’ve added Woopitch to our media contacts database category and you can check out all of the additional details including pricing there!

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