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New Tool in Social Media Scheduling:

By Gina Milani

May 22, 2019

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PR people want social media scheduling platforms that come with an approval workflow feature and robust, easy-to-use analytics, and usually one that is also inexpensive. This is why we recently added this category to the database.

Planable is a tool we missed in our first listing and it’s worth taking a look at. Planable is an interesting tool as it allows you to create and preview posts in any format whether it’s text, video, gif, link, photo, album, carousel, bringing your mock-ups to life. You don’t have to create test pages or rely on your imagination any longer. It allows you to collaborate with your team and your clients, serving as a centralized hub for ideas, content and feedback — everything social media teams need to move their creative processes forward.

You can save time by adding your posts into a predefined time slot and power up your social media scheduling, defining preferred time slots for each day of the week and for each brand you manage. Strategically plan and schedule your content by drag and dropping posts in your predefined time slots. Visualise content by week or month and see everything at a glance across all your pages.

One calendar, one integrated strategy across multiple channels. Pricing starts at $24/month and you can start your 14-days free trial on any plan without having to give up a credit card number.

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