TrendKite (acquired by Cision)


Read more about Trendkite's Acquisition by Cision in the PRToolfinder Blog. TrendKite takes a different approach to how the world's biggest brands and media companies measure the impact of their PR. Their advanced analytics and reporting measure real business impact and communicate success in a way that legacy solutions can’t. TrendKite's media monitoring tools provide a single, comprehensive view of your coverage across media types like traditional news, blogs, print, broadcast, radio, and even premium paywall subscriptions. TrendKite's media monitoring pulls from millions of national and international sources and spans years of media coverage, so you’re able to analyze historical data from day one.


High-quality PR campaigns command attention, engage audiences, and motivate people to action. TrendKite’s PR measurement tools show how your media mentions influence and contribute to moving people down the marketing funnel.

Audience Engagement
Use PR Measurement to gauge how your campaign resonated with audiences by counting the number of people that read your content and shared it to their social networks.

Traffic Driven by PR
Measure the number of people directly visiting your website after reading a PR article.

SEO Impact of PR
Show PR’s impact on marketing’s most important channel: Search. Report the SEO impact of PR mentions, backlinks in articles, and keywords in stories.


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Their ideal customer? TrendKite is positioned as a “best in class” premier product. Clients include Starbucks global, Boeing, Snapchat etc. but pricing may not be out of reach so a demo could be useful as there are opportunities to scale.


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